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JILCA would like to work for helping people to "create circumstances where people live positively and actively."

At this moment, we visit the Great East earthquake and tsunami affected area, to do our activities such as removing the debris and giving a massage.
We aim for


We continue all activities until all the temporary housing disappear.

We are not able to do anything huge, but we would like to support the survivors of the earthquake constantly for a long period of time.


Story of Naoko Miyatake

At 5.46 am. On the 17th of January, 1995.

The Great Hanshin Earthquake occurred. That was the biggest earthquake since the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923. At that time, Naoko Miyatake, the representative of JILCA was in Nishinomiya, Kobe.
Just two hours before the tremor, she was driving on the freeway. The freeway was destroyed completely two hours later.
She used to drive on the freeway all the time, and she wasn't particularly sleepy, but she drove over the center line many times.
“That's strange... Am I tired?”
Then soon after she got home and went to bed, the earthquake hit.

Fortunately, her home was safe, still partially destroyed. Neighbours (row houses) were destroyed completely.
At the time, she had never seen such a scene even on TV. Vehicles of the self defense force run through the town where all buildings disappeared like after the war. It took some time for her to accept the reality.

Several years passed.
Naoko worked for a cable TV company in Kobe which made independent programmes.
She produced a documentary programme about welfare for the aged.
She wanted people to know how they lived. By showing their reality, she offered chance to think about it.

What she saw then was the old people left in temporary homes.
Even though they were told to leave, they had nowhere to go.
On the other hand, there were always streamlining plans going on, so they couldn't stay in the same community. They were sick of changing houses and didn't like to see others any more. That caused lots of suicides and solitary death.

City of Kobe recovered, that was much quicker than expected. On the other hand, the old people became lonely and lonely as time went. Naoko was shocked by the situation.

16 years passed.
The unprecedented massive earthquake hit East Japan.

Naoko has been happily working as a aroma massage therapist. She just wants people to feel happy.
Last time she was in shock and couldn't do much, but this time, she believes that she could do something.

That's why she decided to establish JILCA, she would like to help people to create circumstances where people live positively and actively.


Imagine. If you were 80 years old man or woman.....

You worked so hard when you were young.
And you had a house.
And you had enough assets you would be able to survive in the future.
So you were thinking,“We were not very rich, but we probably would be able to live nicely and quietly.

Then, massive tsunami came. You lost everything.
You lost house.
You lost furniture, assets, everything!
You even lost your loving partner.


Now you are already 80, you have to find a house to live.
You don't have enough assets to build a new home. You are too old to have a home loan.
If you would like to rent a house, it would be so hard without a personal guarantor.
May be you will find a place to live, but that wouldn't be as good as your original house.

You will get a pension at least, but remember you are 80 years old already.
Even though all you wish is to live quietly, you may have pains on your body, so you will have to see a doctor occasionally.
Clothes and foods and home. We do need them to survive, that's for sure. But they do not guarantee your stability and happiness.
And people will lose interest in you as time passes.
“You should be independent when you start to live in a temporary house."
“You should be looking ahead, just leave the past behind. "

We know that's true, but....
“If the earthquake didn't occur....”
“We shouldn't have survived after all... “
May be that's how we might feel when we were in their situation.


May be the person we would like to cheer up now is "you in the future" .


All support and activity should be conducted for the survivors of the earthquake not for us. We believe we should not force our opinions on them.
When we talk about“the survivors", we know that each one of them has emotions and concerns and thoughts.
JILCA would like to listen to the each one with all our hearts.

Soon after the earthquake, there were a lots of assistance available in the area. Public quickly lose their interests in them, but the people in the area are still fighting to survive there.
Healthy young generation back to normal life earlier, but there are people left behind. The conditions are getting tougher and tougher for them. Their wounded hearts never get healed.
JILCA determined to keep going until they will back to normal life, that's when the all temporary housing are removed completely.

We feel happy when we are able to help others.
We feel happy when we are able to make others happy.
Supporting activity in the area make us happy as well as making the survivors happy.

If you have time.
If you are strong and fit.
If you have technique.
If you have money.

All our situations are different, but JILCA would like to gather "what each of us can do", and make them more powerful, then wish to deliver the whole thing to the area eventually.



:Japan Ikiiki Life Cooperation Agency (Abbreviated name:JILCA)


:Naoko Miyatake

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